filmmaker, Yanchep

Matthew Bettinaglio




Matthew enjoys a quiet life as a filmmaker and surfer, enjoying the pristine coastline of Yanchep with his wife and daughter every day.  His films draw inspiration from authentic stories, genuine people, natural light and board-riding.


Short film



Yanchep is the most close to home short film I have worked on, we moved further North to this beautiful little coastal town in early 2017, as soon as we did I knew I wanted to create a film that gets across how I feel about the place. 

With the help of some locals & a few months of not rushing anything this is what I came up with. We held a Premiere/Photo Exhibition at the local cafe overlooking the Lagoon which had a huge turnout & the film racked up 27,000 views in its first week on Facebook, the comments from long time locals & people planning to move up there were super rewarding, I hope you enjoy this little slice of paradise that we call home now.


Short film



Commonplace is a short surf film that celebrates a bunch of diverse people from varying ages, backgrounds, careers and skills levels becoming a tight knit community through the act of surfing in the same place regularly. Narrated by Warrick Palmateer who has seen it all unfold over

This is anti-localism, all welcoming and most of all fun. Filming took place over roughly 30 different days in the space of May-October of this year. The end result is a seven and a half minute story that combines ground, aerial and water based imagery that delves into the fun, lighter side of surfing, the reason we
all got it into it in the first place.

Commonplace is a double meaning in that we share this common place but we’re all also commonplace (average) surfers, just out there to have fun and create memories with our friends and family.






I met Warrick Palmateer while surfing a local break together in Yanchep, he had heard about my 'Yanchep' exhibition & couldn't make it to the screening but managed to watch it online after its release. Turns out he was taking some time out this year to create a huge body of work inspired by the coast line & more specifically the top down perspective I had captured through aerial imagery.

Confluence opened on September 27th at John Curtin Gallery for their 20 Year Anniversary to a swarm of hundreds of people, it was there you could see these huge works in person accompanied by these films documenting the entire process.

Specht design

Coffee & timber, both great on their own, even better combined.

This is the story of Specht Design, from humble beginnings of creating timber features for his own home coffee machine, a La Marzocco GS3, to creating timber features & refurbishing machines to send out to cafes all over the world.

After following each other on Instagram for quite a while I contacted Dan & we caught up while I was in Melbourne to film some of the work that goes on at the Specht Design factory.

We’re not from here

We're Not From Here is the pursuit of snowboarding by a group of Western Australians who grew up surrounded by the ocean & a flat landscape.

In August, 2016 we spent some time RV-ing around the South Island of New Zealand. This short film is the culmination of that trip, the passion & joy found in snowboarding & the people it connects us with all around the world.

barry mansfield

Barry's effortless style on a skateboard has always captured my attention.

Last year myself & Kyle of Airloft got together with Barry & started work on a long term film project, we spent the past seven months filming between conflicting schedules, all across Perth, sometimes getting one trick in a day & other times stacking plenty. This is the culmination of those seven months
boiled down to 3:30 for your viewing ease.

DSC08502 copy.jpg