City of Wanneroo, North Coast Ward, Council Candidate 2019

Matthew Bettinaglio


Passionate about sensitive & appropriate development.


At 26 years of age, local business owner, filmmaker, family man & lifelong resident of the City of Wanneroo, Matthew Bettinaglio is excited to be nominating as an Independent for council this year for a number of reasons.

In early 2017, Matthew bought a home with his wife in Yanchep a mere 10 minute walk from the Lagoon. Both had visited the area numerous times as children and already had a love for the area and its uniqueness. As a filmmaker, Matthew was inspired to create a short film about Yanchep which premiered at Orion Cafe to a sea of long time locals and newcomers to the area. The film gets across the heart of not just Yanchep but the entire North Coast Ward; in that we have been gifted such a diverse and beautiful coastline, that as the population increases, needs to be protected and developed appropriately.

2018 was Matthew’s first introduction to the world of Council meetings and proceedings after fighting alongside a number of passionate locals over unpopular development close to home. Since then he has been a part of future Masterplan workshops and meetings, facility planning meetings and also ran business workshops to encourage and support local businesses to grow and thrive.

Below are some key points and reasons to vote for Matthew in the upcoming 2019 Local Government Elections, feel free to contact him further down the page also.


Sensitive and Appropriate Development

As our area along this beautiful coastline continues to expand rapidly it is necessary to have the right people on council to make sure it is developed sensitively and appropriately. As an independent who isn’t sponsored or affiliated with any political parties Matthew is able to speak directly on behalf of the community and their needs.



Business Growth and Expansion

Recently Matthew has run business workshops to help encourage and support local businesses in the area, being elected as Councillor would give him more time to work on causes like this and to spend time hearing from local businesses about what they would like to see happen in the North Coast Ward.


Support New Facilities

Matthew has been a part of the Yanchep Lagoon Masterplan and other facility planning meetings as a local resident. He is passionate about seeing the right facilities and plans for the area come to life. Matthew will listen to the local communities needs and wants and then put them forward to Council, this includes support for a swimming pool in the North Coast Ward.


Encourage and Promote Community Events

In the past two years Matthew has run two film premiere events to showcase the natural beauty and uniqueness of our area, these events received an incredible amount of good feedback and it is Matthew’s passion to not only host these events but to inspire and support other locals in the community to plan them. Matthew would love to see the creation of a City of Wanneroo Film Festival.



Help Develop a Sense of Identity for the Ward

Our area is still developing its sense of identity, it is surrounded by natural beauty. Our job now is to make sure we contribute and create a culture that acknowledges this in the way we build buildings, start businesses, attract tourism etc. We have not yet fully figured out who we are as a community and all that we have to offer. Matthews vision is to see the North Coast Ward become a thriving hub of creativity, innovation and most of all a community that celebrates and enjoys our coastal lifestyle through work/life balance.



Diversity on Council

Matthew will represent a group of the local community that have not yet been represented on Council before, with a focus on youth and young families, outdoor activities, the environment and a creative approach to community events and business growth.



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Let Matthew know below what is important to you as a local resident of the North Coast Ward and what you expect from Council this term.

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